Counselling & Your Privacy - GDPR

In May 2018 new legislation was introduced which made changes to the Data Protection Act(1998). This is known as the GDPR - (General Data Protection Regulations).

What this means for you is that you can be assured of the way that organisations, including counselling agencies, treat your personal information - how it's collected, stored, and shared, and also how it's used.

Clearly, in order to set up an appointment, initial personal information is required. I will ask you for your name, adress, phone number and e mail address. I will only use this information as necessary to provide you with counselling services as required, and I won’t share your personal information with any other individual, or agency, unless there is a legal requirement to do so. Once you complete your counselling sessions, your personal information will be stored securely for the legally stated period of 5 years, and then I will destroy it.

I will not share your information with any other individual or organisation, unless you specifically request me to.

It's not a legal requirement for counsellors to keep notes of client sessions, but it's considered to be good practice. I, like most counsellors, keep brief, anonymised notes. These help me to remember significant areas we have been working on.

You have the right to request that I don't keep notes of my sessions with you, or to see any notes I have in relation to your therapy sessions.

I am registered with the Information Commisioner's Office (ICO) as a Controller of Data.

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